Great American Hospitality Empowers Sonic Employees with On-Demand Pay

Cover page of a case study titled "Great American Hospitality Empowers Sonic Employees with On-Demand Pay," featuring the DailyPay and Great American Hospitality logos.

Partner: Great American Hospitality LLC

US Headquarters: Brentwood, TN

Industry: QSR

Number of Employees: 500+

Payroll Platform: Great Plains

Time & Attendance Platform: Infor ETM 

Great American Hospitality, LLC owns and operates 21 Sonic restaurants in the Southeast. They were looking for a way to set themselves apart in an oversaturated hiring market by offering a creative, competitive benefit.

Dustin Riddle, the company’s Director of Operations, is responsible for supporting the Area Supervisors with recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, professional development and budget management. He is also responsible for ensuring company standards are upheld in restaurants and that guests are receiving stellar service. Here’s what he had to say about empowering his team with on-demand pay: 

Finding a solution that would set us apart

When we were exploring new benefits, we sought offerings that prospective employees were highly interested in. Since many employees had requested cash advances before, on-demand pay felt like a great benefit to help meet their needs. 

We wanted to hire more competitively, and thought that offering DailyPay would really help set us apart from all the other fast food restaurants hiring at the same time. Since we began advertising DailyPay on our job postings, there has been a notable increase in the number of applications we receive for open roles.

Employees use on-demand pay to improve their lives

This benefit is often advertised as something to help employees out of sticky situations and financial emergencies. We’ve definitely heard stories of our employees using this benefit to fix flat tires, pay for gas to get to work, and other transportation expenses, but that’s definitely not all they’re using it for. We’ve also seen a lot of our employees using this benefit to enhance their lives, as it helps them budget for things like concert tickets and beach trips. It seems like there are endless use cases for on-demand pay, regardless of an employee’s financial situation. 

Driving measurable impact and positive results

We’re pleased to say that 30% of our employees enrolled in DailyPay within the first week, and that number was up to 53% after the first month. We’re proud to offer a benefit that reflects our values and enhances our employees’ quality of life. Any companies that are considering offering this benefit should take the next step and make it happen! 

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