Offering On-Demand Pay Drives Recruiting and Increases Retention for Supermarket Chain, Dave’s Markets

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Partner Snapshot

Partner: Dave’s Markets

US Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio

Industry: Retail

Number of Employees: 1,300

Payroll Platform: Paychex

Time & Attendance Platform: Kronos

David Saltzman, Finance and Strategy for Dave’s Markets, has been helping to manage his family’s business for almost three years. Along with his brother Aaron, he is responsible for overseeing the employee experience for approximately 1,300 employees in 13 locations across Ohio. Dave’s Markets began as a humble fruit cart during the early 1900s, and the first brick and mortar store opened in 1930. The business has been expanding ever since, which is why David began searching for a benefit that would decrease turnover and increase retention within the stores. Here’s what he had to say about implementing DailyPay for employees in his family’s company.

Becoming a part of the family

My brothers and I are part of the fifth generation of our family’s grocery store business. The first store opened 90 years ago, and Dave’s Markets has continued to grow as generations of our family members and employees have worked tirelessly to build this business. Lately, we have seen turnover continue to rise, given the low unemployment and overall competitive landscape for labor. Because of this, my team and I began looking to add a benefit that would help us decrease turnover and increase retention without having to spend too much money. That’s when we found DailyPay.

DailyPay was the first on-demand pay provider to approach us, and the onboarding process proceeded without a hitch. Since we’ve launched DailyPay, other on-demand pay providers have tried to get us to transfer to their services, but we’re having such a positive experience that we haven’t even considered switching. It’s a great partnership, and we’re looking forward to seeing where it takes us in the future.

Commitment to continued success

One initiative I have for our business development is to increase our co-branded marketing efforts with DailyPay so that we can get the best possible results out of this partnership. We advertise DailyPay in our recruitment materials and at our job fairs, but there is still room for us to increase our digital advertising and in-store signage. We have about 29% enrollment so far, but we are hoping to get closer to 40% enrollment over the next year. We’re already seeing that new hires are staying notably longer after adopting DailyPay. Our hourly workers, who may have different schedules and paycheck amounts from week to week, really appreciate the transparency DailyPay provides into their earnings.

The number of users continues to grow, and our people are more and more interested in getting the hang of this new technology. We’re always trying to do right by our employees. If it’s something someone is interested in and it can help make their life better, then it’s a win-win! This benefit has been proven to decrease financial stress among users, and a survey of our employees shows that most of them are using this benefit to pay their bills. When our employees are less stressed and are more engaged at work, they are much more capable of creating positive experiences for our customers and ultimately improving our bottom line.

“If it’s something someone is interested in and it can help make their life better, then it’s a win-win!”


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