ADT Pizza Employees Get Paid Early and Rewarded with DailyPay

Case Study: ADT Pizza employees get paid early and rewarded with DailyPay. Logos of DailyPay, ADT Pizza, and Pizza Hut are at the top.

Partner: ADT Pizza

US Headquarters: Westport, Connecticut

Industry: Restaurant and QSR

Number of Employees: 3,650

Payroll Platform: Infosync

Time & Attendance Platform: Infosync

ADT Pizza is one of the top ten Pizza Hut franchisees with plans to expand into even more franchise stores. Shalena Brown, Director of Human Resources, sat down with DailyPay to discuss her experience and what brought the benefit to ADT Pizza.

Here is an inside look into Shalena’s experience:

What role do benefits play in your success?

“Benefits are huge for us, especially DailyPay because now our minimum wage workers can access their paychecks to help them pay for what they want.

Our number of stores and employees allows us to offer a more extensive set of benefits that our overall employee population can choose from. The more benefits our employees can be exposed to, the better and more successful our business usually runs”

What were your motivations behind bringing in DailyPay?

“In the QSR market, allowing employees to cash out daily to feed their family or pay a bill is important.

Giving employees the opportunity to get a tank of gas quickly is everything. Plus, the reduction in call-outs and help with overall retention is a direct result of implementing DailyPay’s on-demand pay”

How was your experience with DailyPay Rewards?

“What was important to us was being able to get the reward to the team member in a pretty instant process.

There was also an option to put a note in the rewards to thank employees.”

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