Wendy’s To DailyPay: We Know When It’s Real

Six employees wearing Wendy's uniforms stand together and smile in a Wendy's restaurant kitchen.

Why Top Restaurant Chains Such as Wendy’s Eighty-Six Their On-Demand Pay Provider For DailyPay

After careful consideration, nearly a dozen of Wendy’s biggest franchise companies consolidated their on-demand pay benefits under one provider, DailyPay. The on-demand pay solution enables Wendy’s workers to access their net pay immediately after earning it when their shifts end. Wendy’s benefits from the increase in speed and volume of new hires, worker satisfaction, worker productivity, extra shifts and reduction in turnover as a result of employees using DailyPay. 

Employees benefit from an easy new pay experience that empowers them with choice and control over their earned pay, reducing stress and improving job satisfaction. 

Primary Aim, Flynn Restaurant Group, Calhoun Management, Harrisburg LIV Bacon, Philly LIV Bacon, Delight Raleigh Management LLC, Delight VA Beach Management LLC, Legacy Restaurant Group and My Wendy’s (Starboard Management Group) were among others who moved from other providers to DailyPay citing the following reasons:

why you need on demand pay

“Before DailyPay, we used a different on-demand pay provider that created difficulties for our payroll team. This provider couldn’t give us what we needed and doubled the amount of manual work we had to do … At first glance, what we found most interesting about DailyPay is how easy it would be to integrate it with our payroll system, without requiring much work on our end.” -Edmarissa Acevado, Starboard Management Group (My Wendy’s)

DailyPay is the gold-standard in on-demand pay and one of the only true full-service providers. Partnering with DailyPay requires no additional work to administer an on-demand pay program. Integrations are seamless and painless. And DailyPay has one of the highest worker engagement rates in the on-demand pay industry. To learn more about switching to or partnering with DailyPay, visit DailyPay.com and speak with one of our on-demand pay experts.

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