WEBINAR: How to Maintain and Improve Your Employee Experience in These Unprecedented Times

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Employers are juggling more than ever as they scramble to meet the evolving needs of the workforce while also trying to meet their business goals in the midst of a global pandemic. At DailyPay, we have made it our mission to support businesses across the country as we all try to navigate these unprecedented times with grace, agility and adaptability. We know how overwhelming all of this change and uncertainty can be, so we’ve created a series of webinars to help you and your business make the most of this situation.

Our first webinar features two of DailyPay’s finest: Jeanniey Walden (formerly Jeanniey Mullen), our Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, and Taylor Paone, our Employee Experience and Culture Manager. They have myriad unique professional insights to share regarding the most effective ways to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. In this webinar, Taylor and Jeanniey explain why transparent and empathetic communication is key to successfully managing your remote employees and ways to be their port in the storm of this crisis. They’ll provide expert tips and advice on how to maintain your company culture and employee experience from afar as you and your team adjust to this “new normal.” You’ll also get the inside scoop on what we are doing at DailyPay to maintain our status quo as an industry leader in employee experience.

We’re all facing the COVID-19 crisis together, and DailyPay is committed to being a source of truth and guidance during these tumultuous times. Whether your employees are on the frontlines of the pandemic or safely working from home, Taylor and Jeanniey will present some of the tools needed to meet their needs, from an improved pay experience to strengthened employer-employee relationships.

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We hope you’ll tune in to this webinar to stay up to date with best practices and innovative ideas to deal with these unprecedented times.

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