Integration & Alliance Partner Spotlight: Joshua Bartel from InfoSync

One of DailyPay’s most engaged integration partners is InfoSync, which provides technology and service for accounting, payroll and reporting needs. DailyPay and InfoSync share many clients and that is largely because of Joshua Bartel. Joshua is the VP of Information Technology at InfoSync, but he is also a point-of-sale integration expert. DailyPay recently had the opportunity to speak with Joshua about his appreciation for DailyPay and how he easily convinces his clients to sign up for it. 

Joshua lives in Andover, Kansas and has been with InfoSync for almost 14 years. He is a champion table tennis player who has represented the U.S. many times. He even has a bronze medal to show from the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia. 

“The sale of DailyPay is such a simple sell for me,” Joshua said in explaining his appreciation for DailyPay and its products. “There is literally no risk to the employer.” 

DailyPay: Many of the clients we have gotten from you were willing to simply take you at your word when looking for an on-demand pay solution. When you suggest DailyPay, they take your suggestion. Why are they so willing to take your word before even getting all of the information?

Joshua: We do the accounting and payroll for many of our clients, so they trust us. That existing trust in InfoSync tied with my trust in DailyPay has made the partnership between DailyPay and InfoSync successful.

DailyPay: When you get clients coming to you asking about an on-demand pay solution, do you find that there is any trend as to why they are looking for an on-demand pay solution?

Joshua: It’s kind of all over the place. There are so many different reasons that clients look for a daily pay solution. Whenever I am on the phone with a client’s area manager or above, I ask them if they have considered an on-demand pay service. Many say they have thought about it and, if they are seriously considering an on-demand pay service, I always recommend DailyPay.

DailyPay: How do you explain how DailyPay works?

Joshua: All I say is that it’s a very simple process. It’s three files outbound and one inbound and then I explain them in the order of importance, starting with the user roster. I then go on to tell potential clients that DailyPay has an algorithm to make sure it doesn’t overextend itself. 

You as the employer aren’t even part of the contract. If someone owes money, they owe it to DailyPay, not to their employer. I explain to employers that the only cost is to the employees if they choose to make transfers using DailyPay. 

When explaining how DailyPay works for the employee, I put it into simple terms. If the employee makes $10 an hour and works for 8 hours that employee has made $80. DailyPay gives the employee full access to that money, minus taxes of course.”

DailyPay: What makes you so passionate about DailyPay? Why do you love it so much? 

Joshua: DailyPay is a partner, not a vendor. When I go to a client and say that DailyPay is like us, a partner, they immediately trust them too. I have names of people at DailyPay and if I have a problem, I call them immediately. I don’t have to call a 1-800 number. I explain how easy it is to get a problem solved at DailyPay and how easy it is to get others to trust DailyPay as much as I do. 

DailyPay: Why do they trust you so much?

Joshua: We have always done right by our clients. InfoSync isn’t perfect, but no company is. However, we go out of our way to help our clients. I try to talk to people on the operations side of the business  when I’m trying to get them to use DailyPay. I have found that these are the departments that find DailyPay to be the most appealing. 

DailyPay partners with a large network of best-in-class, payroll, human capital management, time management systems and pay card providers to make our on-demand pay solution more widely available to workforces across the country. DailyPay is appreciative of all of its Integration & Alliance partners, such as InfoSync. Joshua has helped us make many connections and we know we will continue to grow our very special partnership.

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