Highspot Co-Sponsors DailyPay’s Annual Revenue Kick-Off

DailyPay’s 2022 Revenue Kick-Off, or RKO, was co-sponsored by a handful of amazing partners this year. One of these sponsors was Highspot, our Sales Enablement Platform. Launched in February 2021, Highspot empowers our Sales team by making our content assets easily searchable and accessible, so they are readily available to be shared with partners and prospects. 

Highspot highlights the most relevant content to engage customers, provides guidance to land strategy, training and coaching to improve skills, and analytics to inform action. Highspot has proven to optimize team performance, maximize sales rep efficiency and boost sales confidence.  

“By equipping our Revenue Organization with new tools to more effectively engage our customers and deliver value in every conversation, our reps can reach more prospects, close deals faster and gain better insight into customer engagement,” noted Hailey Stephens, DailyPay’s Enablement Manager. 

Since implementing Highspot, customer engagement has increased significantly. Revenue Teams have delivered over 12,000 pieces of content, totalling approximately 57,000 external opens/views/downloads from our prospects and partners.

We’d like to thank the Highspot team once again for co-sponsoring this event and celebrating this rewarding partnership!

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