Dive into Summer with Savings Tips from Workplace and Labor Expert Jeanniey Walden

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Make the Most of Summer Without Breaking the Bank

Summer is here – and everything from the price of gas to groceries are at record high levels. So how can we make the most of the summer without breaking the bank? Labor expert Jeanniey Walden and Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay is here to share some of her tips:

Be a tourist in your own backyard

Save on gas costs on long car trips by exploring local tourist spots. It’s also a great way to support local businesses. Book a room at your local Hilton, Marriott, or an Airbnb and check out all the great things your community has to offer. 

  • Carpooling with neighbors
  • Find cheap flights online instead of driving

Be budget conscious and shop like a CFO

Create a budget and stick to it. Be wise about how you spend your money and hold off on expensive, unnecessary purchases. Find coupons to save on your favorite products and search for online sales – you can find great bargains at places like Target, Kroger, Costco, Walmart, Big Lots and Dollar Tree.

  • Great deals from credit card companies
  • New apps that help you find the best deals 
  • Gasbuddy is a great app to find cheap gas deals

Find a side-hustle to boost your income 

Do you have a skill or hobby that you can turn into a money-making venture? Now might be a great time to use that side gig to boost your income especially if you’re working from home. 

Examples: Doordash, UberEats, or Lyft is a great way to pick up extra income.

Employer benefits can be beneficial 

Your employer may have some benefits that can make a difference. For example, benefits like Urban Sitter and pet insurance can offset the cost of child and pet care, while other companies offer commuter benefits to help people get to work. If your employer offers DailyPay, you can get your money ahead of payday to cover the cost of gas or food, or to splurge on something special. 

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