DailyPay’s Hailey Bobella Named One of 50 Winners of the 2021 Tech Innovator Awards Program by Built In

Portrait image of Hailey Bobella, named as a Senior Front End Engineer at DailyPay. She has blonde hair and wears a black Hello Kitty-themed shirt with a choker necklace. The text mentions her recognition as one of the 50 winners of the 2021 Tech Innovator Awards by Built In.

DailyPay is both pleased and proud to announce that Hailey Bobella, a Senior Front End Engineer at DailyPay, has been named one of 50 winners of the 2021 Tech Innovator Awards Program by Built In.

Hailey’s influential work helped DailyPay’s mobile app go from being an experiment to becoming a business cornerstone that now drives a significant portion of the company’s transactions. To get there, she led the complicated process of putting a CI/CD pipeline in place, and, since that time, there hasn’t been a single failed deployment.

With the new CI/CD integrated, Hailey also took it upon herself to become the driver behind moving off of DailyPay’s ad hoc builds. She also led the creation of a new app workflow, improved the local development experience, leveraged Google Secrets Manager and wrote Node.js scaffolding scripts that work seamlessly with DailyPay’s local development experience.

When not writing JavaScript and doing infrastructure for front-end systems, Hailey is a musician, motorcycle enthusiast and self-proclaimed big nerd. You’ll likely find her playing guitar or cello with one of her several bands in Austin, TX, riding her sportbike around town (when it’s not too hot) or playing video or board games.

Hailey’s thoughts on receiving this award:

“Although knowing I’m helping our thousands of users maintain access to their funds and take control of their own lives with greater stability is the main satisfaction I get from my job, a bit of recognition from my peers certainly doesn’t hurt!

I’m honored and so grateful for the nomination for this program from my manager, Jamie Michalski — his stellar write-up is what got me the win. I would also like to shout out my incredible team of front end engineers who are consistently delivering amazing features and app experiences for our users — I am always learning new things from them every single day, and it’s really only luck that it wasn’t one of them answering this question instead of me. They all do stellar work and constantly push me to be a better developer and coworker and that means the world to me.

Can’t wait to see what the coming months and years have for our app and our business. I love being a part of DailyPay and further honing my skills while making a difference!”

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