DailyPay Promotes 50+ Employees in Second Round of Semi-Annual Promotions

A group of people sit around a table in a bright office, smiling and clapping, with a laptop and documents in front of them.

DailyPay is proud to announce another round of employee promotions within the company. Our employees are extremely dedicated to their work and we are thrilled to be able to support their career growth in this second semi-annual promotion cycle. 

DailyPay has a semi-annual round of promotions, previously known as half-step promotions, to enable employees to meet their career goals even as the company continues to grow. 

DailyPay’s Chief People Officer, Irene Hendricks, said “We are thrilled to be promoting so many of our DailyPayers as they have worked so hard and shown so much dedication, even through the toughest of times.  These well deserved career progressions demonstrate our commitment to growing generational talent within our company to best meet the needs of our partners and users.”

“My career skills have developed at hyperspeed because of the mentorship, support and community I’ve found at DailyPay,” DailyPay’s newly promoted Senior Copywriter, Anna Picagli, said. “There is something deeply fulfilling about not just working for a company, but truly being a part of something that is so much larger than the sum of its parts.”

We proudly announce the following promotions:

Executive Office

Jenna Lewis, Senior Executive Assistant

External Operations

Amy Ng, Senior Operations Development Manager

Danielle Albino, Senior Payment Operations Analyst

Eric Tacl, Senior Partner Support Analyst

James Okoth, Payment Operations Senior Manager

Jesse Roberts, Senior Partner Support Analyst

Johnny Zhu, Senior Partner Support Analyst

Jordan Oetken, Payment Operations Senior Manager

Lacey Burch, Senior Payment Operations Analyst

Lindsay Casel, Operational Risk Manager

Tania Sultan, Payments Risk Senior Manager

Tanner Johnson-Hetchler, Senior Payment Operations Analyst

Finance & Administration

Justin Luchan, Senior Financial Analyst

Neville Kunjravia, Senior Financial Systems Analyst


Mica Bandong, Senior Growth Designer

Victoria Long, Senior Marketing Campaign Strategist


Anna Picagli, Senior Copywriter

Crystal Park, PMO Lead: Marketing

Rheannon Loffredo, Copywriter

Scott Mullins, Senior Media and Operations Planner

Ye Bin Kwon, Senior Coordinator

People Operations

Ellen Calabrese, Recruiter

Erin Vargas, Senior People Operations Business Partner

Jenna Sickinger, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

Tracy Gabrelcik, Recruiter



Kei Yeung, Staff Software Engineer

Brendan Ko, Senior Software Engineer

James Livengood, Senior Software Engineer

Jeremy Carr, Senior Software Engineer

Kela Kealakai, Software Engineer II

Patricia Torvalds, Software Engineer II

Mason Taylor, Software Engineer I


Michael Weikman, Data Engineer

Binh Hoang, Senior Data Analyst


Dan Lee, Senior Incident Manager

Jessica Montana, Senior Technical Product Manager

Capital Markets

Michael Manthey, Senior Associate


Customer Success

Andrew Young, Strategic Partnership Manager

Bryan Falcone, EPM

Caroline Reyes, Senior EPM

Jess Anson, Senior EPM

Morgan Russell, Senior EPM

Danielle Simon, Team Lead

Nitzan Hillel, Team Lead

Steve Prince, Team Lead

Renjie Wang, Senior Implementation Manager

Suhail Rawal, Senior Implementation Manager

Tammy Ong, Senior Implementation Manager

Sales Training and Enablement

Jason Steckler, Revenue Operations & Strategy Manager

Jodie Lichtenstein, Sales Support Team Lead

Sam Tutiven, Program Manager

Strategic Business Operations

Goyo Schipilliti, Senior Manager, Strategic Business Intelligence and Planning

We congratulate all pf these DailyPayers on their promotions and thank them for their amazing hard work. 

If you are interested in joining DailyPay, check out our careers page to see if DailyPay might be a good fit for you.

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