DailyPay’s Referral Program is Up and Running

Ask and you shall receive! 

DailyPay is excited to announce its referral program. 80% of DailyPay users indicated in a survey that they wanted the ability to refer a coworker or friend to DailyPay. You now can get unlimited referral bonuses when you refer your coworkers and friends to DailyPay. 

To refer an eligible coworker or friend for DailyPay:

  1. Sign into your DailyPay account
  2. Hit the “Give $5, Get $5” button
  3. Send the referral to a friend or coworker via email, text or social media

If your friend accepts the referral and signs up for DailyPay, you will receive a $5 bonus in your DailyPay Balance™ when they make their first DailyPay transfer. You will also receive an entry into DailyPay’s Balance Boost Sweepstakes and a chance to win up to $400 during the month of October

The person you referred to DailyPay will not only have access to their earned pay but will also receive a $5 bonus in their pay balance after their first transfer. 

Please note, only eligible DailyPay users are able to be referred; your employer must be a DailyPay partner to participate. 

Not yet enrolled in DailyPay? See if your employer offers DailyPay.

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