DailyPay Receives 2021 HR Tech “Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution” Award

DailyPay is excited to announce that we have been chosen the “Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution” by the HR Tech Awards. Powered by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, these awards go to companies that are successfully serving clients of all sizes across a variety of capabilities in categories that include talent acquisition, learning and employee experience, among many others. 

The Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution Award falls under the category of HR/Workforce and is awarded to a company that provides a “solution that brings new features and capabilities to the market or solves an old problem in a new way.”

“70 to 80% of Americans live in cash flow limbo, unable to handle a financial emergency,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, “but one in six Americans has access to the incredible DailyPay benefits at work.”

The DailyPay team takes tremendous pride in constantly innovating its award-winning technology platform to better serve its forward-thinking partners and their millions of employees. With our gold-standard on-demand pay ecosystem and Pay Balance technology, American workers now have the power of choice and control over their earned pay along with visibility into their real-time “net worth” up to that minute with the Pay Balance.

DailyPay is honored to be chosen for this award and looks forward to continuing to help employees across the country on their journey toward greater financial stability.

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