DailyPay Named Winner in the 16th Annual 2021 IT World Awards®

DailyPay is excited to announce that The Globee® Awards has named ExtendPX®  a winner in the 16th Annual 2021 IT World Awards®. This award recognizes information technology and cyber-security vendors that have ground-breaking products, solutions and services, which are setting the standard for others in the industry. 

ExtendPX is a powerful API that allows HCM and payroll providers the ability to embed on-demand pay as a white-label solution into their HCM platforms for their customers. This solution helps HCM and payroll providers to avoid the need to spend time and resources building out their own on-demand pay products. Integrating ExtendPX increases PEPM, boosts new business sales and improves customer retention for HCM and payroll providers. For customers, integrating on-demand pay improves employee retention, engagement, satisfaction and recruiting efforts. 

The IT World Awards has more than 65 industry expert judges from around the world. These awards are open to all information technology and cyber security organizations from all over their world.

DailyPay is honored to be chosen for this award and looks forward to continuing to use ExtendPX to help HCM and payroll providers provide a seamless, best-in-class benefit to their clients and their employees. 

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