DailyPay Listed in 2021 CB Insights’ Top Fintech Companies of 2021

CB Insights, who provides business analytics and market intelligence on private companies and investor activities, has released ​​their annual “Fintech 25: The Top Fintech Companies of 2021.” DailyPay is honored to be part of that list this year.

CB Insights’ team of analysts went through 17,000 companies to determine which 250 companies are the most promising. They evaluated fintech companies across the world in industries such as payments, insurance, crypto, digital banking and more. DailyPay made the list in the prestigious “Payroll and Benefits” category and was the only on-demand pay provider to be listed

DailyPay’s powerful on-demand pay platform is trusted to move over $2 billion in earned pay by more Fortune 200 companies than any other on-demand pay provider. Our earned pay access ensures that money is always in the right place at the right time for millions of hard-working Americans.

DailyPay thanks CB Insights and congratulates the rest of the companies not only in the “Payroll and Benefits” category, but every fintech on the list. 

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