The Majority of Quick Service Restaurant Employees Are Stressed About Their Finances

Financial Stress is Negatively Affecting Their Health, Job Performance and Attendance

However, in a sign of optimism, nearly half (45%) of those surveyed feel better financially in comparison to how they felt a year ago.

With hopes of their economic situation improving, only 14% expect to be in a financially worse situation a year from now.

Over seven in 10 (72%) employees say the concept of earned wage access is somewhat or very appealing, with 56% saying getting paid more frequently at work than they currently do would be “very” or “extremely” beneficial to them.

Survey Methodology

YouGov conducted a 10-minute online survey on behalf of DailyPay, surveying 688 quick-service and fast-casual restaurant employees (e.g. cashiers, cooks, kitchen staff, counter staff, delivery staff, servers and drive-thru attendants) in September and October 2023.

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