AmeriBest Home Care Partners with DailyPay to Support Employees’ Financial Wellbeing

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NEW YORK — AmeriBest Home Care, a Philadelphia-based home care business, has partnered with DailyPay – a worktech company and leader in earned wage access.

“At AmeriBest, providing exceptional care to our clients is paramount. We accomplish that with an exceptional caregiver experience. Satisfied caregivers provide exceptional service to clients,” said Bob Kane, AmeriBest’s Chief Operating Officer. “By implementing DailyPay, we have enhanced the caregiver experience by providing them on-demand access to their earned wages.”

DailyPay’s platform offers AmeriBest financial wellness benefits that encourage employees to keep track of earnings and expenses, pay bills on time, save easily, budget for the future, gain financial knowledge from experts, and more. In particular, DailyPay’s saving tools, which enables employees to seamlessly direct their earned wages to a designated savings account, has been particularly popular with AmeriBest employees. Since launching DailyPay, AmeriBest employees have transferred thousands of dollars to their savings accounts. In fact, research conducted by Employee Benefit News, commissioned by DailyPay, finds that 67% of DailyPay users say that DailyPay helps make saving a portion of their income easier.

“The savings tools within DailyPay have further enhanced the experience for many of our caregivers, who combined have saved over $125,000,” added Kane. “In an industry where most caregivers live paycheck to paycheck, AmeriBest caregivers are utilizing DailyPay to build savings and decrease financial stress.”

By implementing DailyPay, AmeriBest is seeing improved engagement, employee retention, and productivity across its workforce. Employee Benefit News research found that 71% of employers have substantiated at least one improvement in key performance indicators, such as boosts in employee satisfaction and drops in turnover rate, as direct outcomes of implementing DailyPay. AmeriBest successfully leverages DailyPay to gain a competitive advantage in hiring new employees as pay flexibility and transparency are so important to today’s workforce.


About AmeriBest

Since 2008 AmeriBest has gained the trust of our communities and has not looked back. With a team of nearly 3,000 caregivers, dedicated to changing lives for our clients every day, it is no wonder we are one of the most respected and high-quality providers in the state of Pennsylvania. Our professionally trained caregivers receive excellent pay, comprehensive benefits, and continued non-stop support from our family-oriented team. So, they can just focus on providing the best care, and you can focus on spending quality time with your family. Gain peace of mind by working for and being cared for by the best. AmeriBest!

DailyPay, Inc.

DailyPay, Inc. is changing the way people get paid. As the industry’s leading on-demand pay solution, DailyPay uses an award-winning WorkTech platform to help America’s top employers build stronger relationships with their employees. This voluntary employee benefit enables workers everywhere to feel more motivated to work harder and stay longer on the job, while supporting their financial well-being outside of the workplace. DailyPay is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit

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