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Change, for Good

At DailyPay our mission is to change the financial system by rewriting the invisible rules of money. We are not just creating a platform that transforms payday, we are creating one that levels the playing field and treats each and every participant equally. One that is fluid, efficient and delivers a better experience for everyone.

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The Platform on Which a New Financial System Will be Built

We’ve built a unique, highly scalable, robust platform that allows us to offer superior onstage and backstage benefits and advantages to any company. Through our platform, our clients receive an unmatched level of future-proof services and products that deliver unprecedented value.

Our platform powers a variety of products and services for our partners. We believe partners who take advantage of our entire range of products receive the greatest value and support across their spectrum of business needs. Partners can realize even more benefits by adding on our complete package of gold-standard services, each designed with your organization’s needs in mind.

How Money Was Meant to be Seen and Used

The DailyPay platform changes the way money moves — between employer and employee, between merchant and shopper, between financial institution and customer — literally transforming the way the financial system works.

Our platform houses a robust data exchange supported by integrations across the HCM landscape. Our focus on driving relationships via unique ISPs and a home-built infrastructure allows us to transform complex data into easily transmittable exchanges, while building scalability over time and allowing for the transfer of data across disparate mixes of systems.

For your employees, all of this technology means they can see how much money they’ve earned from any device, at any time. The information they see is 100% accurate.

Our open connectivity into the banking system gives your employees instant access to their money, where they want, when they want.

Finally, our continuous flow of top tier capital powering our fortress balance sheet allows us to fund all payments. For your company this means that we can seamlessly offer you all our services without any changes to your existing processes. Or headaches for you. No other ODP provider has this level or quality of backing. It’s further validation that DailyPay is the gold standard in on demand pay.

Powering Proven Products

Our platform delivers more than a day’s pay for a day’s work. It delivers financial freedom through our ever evolving Digital Wallet Solution. These simple-to-use products allow your employees to have a smooth and fluid pay experience without you changing a thing about the way your business runs payroll. They’ll also have access to 3 quick and easy ways to save their money, a better way to balance their budget and a smarter way to pay bills.

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We’ve Been Certified

When it comes to your payroll, security is a top priority. That’s why we insist on independent and impartial assessments as a means to prove our security credentials.

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