On-Demand Pay:
A Financial Wellness Benefit for Employers and Employees

With an on-demand pay benefit, employers can provide greater financial wellness support for employees, leading to happier and more productive employees across 
an organization.

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Improve Financial Wellness With On-Demand Pay

Financial wellness is an employee’s ability to manage their finances effectively. Payday loans, billing late fees and overdrafts can increase debt and negatively impact financial wellness. With on-demand pay through DailyPay, users are able to avoid these negative financial situations and get their finances back on track.

To highlight the benefits of on-demand pay, the Mercator Advisory Group conducted a study sponsored by DailyPay on the cost-saving outcomes of DailyPay users.


of respondents indicated that they believe DailyPay helps them save money by avoiding other more expensive alternatives.


of users who used a payday lender prior to using DailyPay said they no longer use payday loans since using DailyPay.

About Mercator Advisory Group


Mercator Advisory Group is the trusted advisor to the payments industry globally, charting the course for sustained growth and profitability.

Mercator Advisory Group surveyed employees using DailyPay on their perceived cost savings since using DailyPay, comparing financial activities before and after having access to DailyPay.

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