DailyPay Extend API

The Powerful On-Demand Pay API That Can Help You Win New Business

Plug on-demand pay into your HCM platform or white-label the recognized gold standard in on-demand pay to help you and your customers win BIG.

DailyPay Extend API is an Embedded On-Demand Pay Solution With a Wide Range of Value-Added Options

DailyPay introduces Extend API — our powerful API that gives you the ability to offer your customers on-demand pay through your own HCM platform. Don’t want to take on the work of embedding on-demand pay? No problem! You can also white label the DailyPay app under your brand.

Pick and choose what you need.
You’re in control.

  • Managing operational and finance risk
  • Early pay program funding
  • Implementation and ongoing program maintenance
  • Customer support
  • Performance monitoring and maintenance
  • Value-added services (CYCLE, REWARD)
  • Digital wallet
white label on demand pay digital wallet

Why DailyPay Extend API is the Powerful Plug-and-Play Solution You Need

Extend API ensures you hit key company targets and enables you to be the hero to your customers.

Benefits for you

Increase PEPM

Extend API will increase your PEPM, which can substantially increase revenue for your organization.

Boost net new business

With an 80% net new attachment rate, grow your market share with an on-demand pay solution.

Improve retention

Stay ahead of the curve and improve retention by 45% with the solution your customers want.

Benefits for your customers

Increased retention

Employers achieve, on average, a 45% reduction in employee turnover.

Higher productivity

74% of DailyPay users say on-demand pay reduces financial stress/makes them more productive.

Add-on services

Offer additional payroll services, including call center support, CYCLE and REWARD.

3 Reasons to Avoid Building Your Own Solution

By partnering with DailyPay, you can avoid the pitfalls of creating your own solution and wasting valuable time and resources.

Complicated to build

Requires tracking data in real-time across hundreds of systems and maintaining compliance within a complicated regulatory framework.

Costly to build

Requires expertise in building financial services to manage and support real-time transactions across many different rails.

Fraught with potential risk

Operational issues and fraud typically associated with real-time payments and corporate credit defaults pose substantial risk.

Our Integration & Alliance Partners

DailyPay is already an award-winning bestseller and Platinum Partner on ADP Marketplace and an integrated partner with other leading HCM firms including: UKG, Paycor and Viventium.

Two Ways to Partner With DailyPay

DailyPay already partners with 6 out of the top 10 HCM companies through their Marketplaces or through Referral Agreements. We can work with your HCM company under a similar arrangement as well, but if you want to level up you can white label our solution under your own branding with Extend API. The choice is totally up to you!

Industry Buzz: What Other HCM Providers Say About On-Demand Pay

“Seems to be a lot of interest out there for on-demand pay … we are getting a lot of questions on that.”

Tien-Tsin Huang, JP Morgan
ADP Investor Event (November 2020)

“Is on-demand pay a focus area for you and something clients bring up?”

Arvind Ramani, KeyBanc
Paycom Q419 Earnings Call (February 2020)

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