Can a Digital Wallet Solution Change People’s Lives?

We think so. That’s why we’ve built a solution, formerly known as our PayEx platform, to make money move easier, better and smarter for workers and employers.

Provide your employees with instant access to the money they’ve earned with our suite of products and services. The DailyPay Digital Wallet Solution with on-demand pay is changing the rules - so workers and employers can both win.

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Empower Your Workers by Changing How They Access and Use Their Money

The DailyPay Digital Wallet Solution provides the most advanced, accurate and frictionless pay experience. Learn how our solution works for employers and their employees:




Real Results

These are the real results that DailyPay partners have experienced using our suite of products and services.


up to 72% improvement on turnover rate 1


annual savings for employees 2


Twice as many job applicants for open positions 3


Improvement in employees' opinion of their employer 4

1. Mercator Advisory Report Group, 2021

2. DailyPay User Survey Results

3. DailyPay ROI Models

4. DailyPay User Survey Results

How DailyPay's Digital Wallet Solution with On-Demand Pay Works

The digital wallet solution creates a frictionless on-demand pay experience by allowing employees to access their earned pay as they need it, 24/7/365. With our solution, employees can have their money sent directly to any bank account, debit card or prepaid card, and use it to pay bills, build savings, invest money, buy goods and services, and more. DailyPay users have more control over their finances and can stress less about their futures.

Features to Empower Employees


On-demand pay is available to employees 24/7/365. They can instantly access up to 100% of their earned pay and transfer it to any bank account, pay card or debit card.


Employees can develop healthy financial habits by allocating a portion of their paycheck to a savings account of their choice before payday, at no cost.

Features to Simplify Processes for Employers


Payroll teams can digitally disburse payments anytime, anywhere, eliminating the hassle of issuing off-cycle payroll payments, saving time and money.


Managers can incentivize and motivate employees with instant and compliant bonus awards.

How On-Demand Pay Fosters Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

One of the easiest ways that companies can quickly work towards greater financial equity and inclusion is by taking a comprehensive look at their benefits packages and considering on-demand pay and financial literacy resources to meet their employees’ needs. On-demand pay can empower employees with more choices and opportunities so they can avoid fees by giving them access to their money as they earn it.