DailyPay Demonstrates Commitment to Cross-Functional Leadership

DailyPay OpCom Headshots

DailyPay Expands Operating Committee to Include Members Representing Capital Funding, Operations and Product

We are pleased to share that three exemplary DailyPay leaders are stepping up to join our Operating Committee. These individuals have distinguished themselves as drivers of our most significant and challenging business objectives, as well as culture carriers across the organization. 

The Operating Committee, or OpCom, is comprised of key leaders from major departments across DailyPay. OpCom drives DailyPay’s key strategic initiatives, including setting performance goals, managing growth and investing in the company and its people. As DailyPay continues to hyperscale, the members of OpCom will work toward creating operational excellence and driving commercial value for the company.

Please join us in congratulating our newest OpCom members:

Ghani Iberraken, VP of Capital Markets

Ghani, who leads the Capital Markets team, joined DailyPay in 2019. Since beginning with the company, Ghani has built out his team to scale, manage and optimize the credit risk management and underwriting process for prospective DailyPay partners. He and his team have also worked to perfect DailyPay’s overall capital markets funding structure, which is essential to DailyPay’s success.

Darlene Miranda, VP of Product Management

Dar, leader of DailyPay’s Corporate Services product team, joined DailyPay in 2021. In the short time she has been here, Dar has already greatly expanded the team’s ownership of the DailyPay platform, especially in regard to the employee and employer product experiences.

Gary Pearcy, VP of Payment Operations

Gary, who joined DailyPay in 2019, leads the Payment Operations team. During his time at DailyPay, Gary has created and managed our entire end-to-end payment operations infrastructure. This infrastructure helps ensure that DailyPay’s financial technology platform remains best-in-class.

In addition to the above, LK Tan, VP of Financial Reporting and Transformation, and Kate Cheesman, Senior Director of Partner Success, will be joining as Operating Committee observers. We’re so grateful for these dedicated, hard-working individuals and look forward to seeing all the positive change they’ll create as they step into these new roles and responsibilities.

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