Why Your HCM Platform Needs DailyPay ExtendPX

On-demand pay is the biggest innovation in payroll technology since direct deposit. DailyPay has created a customizable API solution that can add on-demand pay capabilities directly into your existing HCM or Payroll platform. DailyPay ExtendPX is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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What’s Inside

If you’re considering building your own on-demand pay solution, DailyPay has already done all the work for you by creating a quick and easy plug-in that can seamlessly integrate into your existing platform. Now you can offer an on-demand pay benefit directly to your customers and their employees!

In this eBook, you’ll hear from HCM providers we already partner with and employers we partner with about the benefits of offering on-demand pay  – benefits for employers and for their employees. You’ll also hear from employees whose lives and financial futures this technology has changed for the better. 

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  • Gain net new and and retain existing customers
  • Increase Per Employee Per Month (PEPM)
  • Modernize your offerings to benefit your customers and their employees

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