Success Beyond COVID-19: Tips and Tactics to Help QSR and Lodging Franchises Thrive

We’re living in unprecedented times, and as we emerge from the chaos of COVID-19, we need to determine the best path forward for businesses and employees. This is especially important for the QSR and Lodging industries that faced a unique set of challenges during the pandemic. In this webinar, you will learn how to reframe your business plan for the “new normal” by leveraging advice and tips from other companies, how to plan successful business recovery efforts, and how to ensure that your staff is prepared to work and move forward.

This webinar features three industry experts sharing their knowledge. Jeanniey Walden (formerly Jeanniey Mullen), Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay, explains how on-demand pay can be the cornerstone of any business recovery plan. Barb Powell, VP of Operational Support Millennial Restaurant Group, LLC, which franchises Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza, shares her innovative, grassroots approach to achieving success during unprecedented times. John Theisen, Co-owner of Brew City Pizza, which franchises Domino’s Pizza, explores the unique opportunities for QSRs to succeed during and after the pandemic. Together, they provide a wealth of knowledge and unique recovery ideas that can easily be applied to your business.

As we emerge from the chaos of COVID-19, every company has an unprecedented opportunity to do things right this time, and rebuilding employer-employee trust is the first step. Companies should also seize this opportunity to redefine their culture and revisit how they work. And of course, it should be a priority to ensure that frontline heroes are honored and recognized for their hard work every day.

When you Pay Different with DailyPay, you can help make all those necessary shifts post-COVID. It can also help your employees successfully manage their finances and their futures and help your business thrive. Our clients have seen up to a 72% reduction in turnover among DailyPay users, with a decrease in associated costs. Download this webinar to learn more about how offering an on-demand pay benefit can help your company and your employees succeed in today’s new world.