Webinar: Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace Post-COVID-19

This webinar features the insights of Jeanniey Mullen, DailyPay’s Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer and Barbie Winterbottom, CHRO and people expert. Together, they address the multi-faced issue of rebuilding trust in the workplace after the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Employees who are returning to work after working from home or being furloughed for months deserve a true, deeply emotional sense of community in their new workplace, and it is up to their leaders to create that sense of security and positivity as things begin to move forward. Emotional and mental health benefits, continued work from home opportunities, and improved positive communication are great places to start strengthening those bonds.

Another major way to help rebuild this trust is to empower employees with flexibility. Jeanniey and Barbie will explain the positive effects that flexible policies have on the employee experience. Employees deserve to decide what’s right for them and their families in order to build strong work-life integration, and innovative thinking from company leaders will help foster that new sense of freedom as the country rebuilds itself.

One area of work where flexibility is especially crucial is pay. From normal day-to-day life to times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, on-demand pay access is becoming a necessity in today’s world. Younger generations of workers are used to instant access in all areas of life, but employees of all ages will benefit from the flexibility and security this type of technology creates. Also, DailyPay has been proven to save the average user $1205 a year in overdraft fees, late fees, and payday loan fees, showing its power to improve employees’ overall financial health.

We hope you will listen to this webinar to better understand how to rebuild trust with your employees and how to create a safe, comfortable “new normal” as you rebuild your business.

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