Why Your Employees Will Turn to You for Financial Guidance and Support This Holiday Season

Heading into the holiday season, 7 out of 10 Americans say they are struggling to make ends meet this year, according to a new Harris Poll commissioned by DailyPay. What extra steps will they take to make ends meet and how can employers help them navigate these turbulent financial waters?

In an effort to answer these important questions affecting millions of hard-working Americans, The Harris Poll, commissioned by DailyPay, conducted an online survey of 2,042 adults in the U.S., ages 18 and older, from September 30 – October 1, 2020.

Survey Results

Survey Questions

Question 1: How has COVID-19 affected you financially?

40% of Americans say they have been negatively affected financially by COVID-19.

Question 2: How would access to on-demand pay (i.e., having access to your paycheck earlier than your usual company pay period) impact your holiday spending?

45% noted that having on-demand pay instead of waiting for a company-scheduled payday would impact their holiday spending.

1 in 5 (21%) would be able to manage holiday spending better.
1 in 6 (17%) would be able to make monthly payments on purchases easier.
1 in 7 (13%) would require fewer loans to make holiday purchases.

Question 3: What extra steps will you take this year, compared to last year, to make ends meet?

70% of Americans say they are struggling to make ends meet this year

47% noted they will take extra steps this year compared to last to make ends meet including taking on extra hours (22%) or seasonal jobs (18%).

Question 4: How much do you rely on financial assistance programs offered by your employer for financial assistance/advice?

More than one-third of employed Americans (36%) rely on financial assistance programs offered by their employer for financial assistance/advice.

Question 5: How will COVID-19 impact your holiday spending on each of the following (online purchases and in-store purchases) year compared to 2019?

41% said they will spend the same as last year on holiday gifts when shopping in-store, while 11% plan to spend even more this holiday season as compared to 2019.

28% will spend more money shopping online this holiday season and 26% will spend less compared to last year.

Question 6: How hopeful do you feel that the U.S. economy will improve by the end of 2020?

54% noted they are hopeful that the economy will improve by the end of 2020.

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