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Give employees access to an on-demand pay benefit that helps them pay bills on time, address unexpected expenses and reduce financial stress. Our PayEx® product suite helps you to attract and retain engaged employees who work harder.

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See Josh Bersin’s new HR analyst brief about on-demand pay

Josh Bersin, renowned HR analyst, dives deep into on-demand pay and shares his point of view on why it’s essential to help companies win today’s crazy new war for talent.

See research about on-demand pay and how it reduces turnover

Mercator Advisory Group recently released a report about on-demand pay and its impact on turnover, retention and so much more. They found that companies who offer DailyPay have as much as 73% lower turnover than those without DailyPay.

How On-Demand Pay
Pays Off


saved per year by employees using the DailyPay benefit.


of pandemic-stressed workers look for employers who care for their financial well-being.


increase of up to 73% in employee tenure by using DailyPay.


number of applicants for open positions.

Change the Rules.
Change the Game.

DailyPay’s suite of products and services was designed to revolutionize the experience of pay. Our flagship PAY product changed the way employees access their money, but we are not stopping there. Our on-demand pay suite of products and services is changing the rules – so workers and employers can both win.

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