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Illustration of an infinity loop with two speech bubbles and two stylized female faces on opposite sides, each connected to a speech bubble. Two stars lie near each face against a blue striped background, symbolizing the constant communication essential for improving employee retention rates.

What Is the Average Employee Retention Rate by Industry? (2024 Update)

Employee turnover or attrition can be expensive for companies. In many industries, the cost of losing quality talent is rising, thanks to increasingly competitive labor markets.   “Retention rate” and “turnover rate” are both metrics organizations use to measure aspects of

Employee Financial Wellness Programs

Module 2 Employee Financial Wellness Programs In this Module What Are Financial Wellness Programs? Education Through Financial Wellness Programs How Employers Can Support Financial Wellness Programs SHARE Financial wellness should be a key focus for your company. Whether you want

Illustration of a person in a green and yellow uniform standing behind a counter with a cash register, holding a hand up. Shopping bags hang below the counter, with a basket on the left.

5 Ways To Keep Retail Employees Engaged

Keeping retail employees engaged in their jobs is crucial for the success of a business. Engaged employees are more motivated, productive, and committed to their work, leading to better store results. When employees feel valued and supported in their career

Illustration of two healthcare professionals standing on giant hands, with icons of a smiley face, calendar, clock, paycheck, and piggy bank in the background, symbolizing job satisfaction and financial stability.

5 Strategies to Retain Hospital & Healthcare Employees

How Hospitals and Clinics Can Retain Employees What Is Employee Retention? One helpful way for a company to gauge its employee engagement is by measuring retention. Employee retention statistics indicate a company’s ability to keep its employees over a certain

A hand holding a megaphone with various icons, including a heart, smiley face, and two human avatars, emerging from it against a blue background with white stars.

3 Effective but Overlooked Ways to Motivate Employees

Motivating employees is pivotal for nurturing a dynamic and engaged workforce. It sparks innovation, increases retention, enhances productivity and cultivates a positive workplace culture. When employees are motivated, their commitment and enthusiasm drive them to exceed expectations, fostering a harmonious

Two baristas, a man and a woman, are preparing drinks behind a counter in a café. The man is shaking a cocktail shaker while the woman is focused on a coffee machine.

Employee Engagement Equals Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and employee engagement are intertwined issues, and improvement of each cannot be simplified to just a hiring issue. There are actually four employee engagement environments that you should consider investing in, which will be a direct investment into

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