White-Label On-Demand Pay for HCM and Payroll Companies is Now Possible With DailyPay ExtendPX

We’re sure you’ve heard all about on-demand pay by now. You know it’s the biggest innovation to payroll since direct deposit. You know employees are specifically seeking out jobs that offer this valuable benefit. And you know that the competition is rising as companies across the nation, including those in the Fortune 500, are lining up to offer on-demand pay to their employees.  

When DailyPay’s on-demand pay technology was first developed, it was a standalone solution that could integrate with any payroll or timekeeping software. However, DailyPay’s innovative team has been hard at work to bring a solution to market that can integrate directly into your payroll or HCM software. This means that Payroll and HCM companies can now offer white-label on-demand pay to their clients and partners directly through their own platforms with a plug-in called DailyPay ExtendPX.

ExtendPX eliminates the need for any Payroll or HCM company to create their own on-demand pay solution. The hard work is already done! This solution was designed with flexibility in mind and is completely customizable and modular. This allows Payroll and HCM providers to select exactly how they’d like to tailor their solution for maximum impact to their employer partners and their employee users. Creating ExtendPX is a prime example of DailyPay’s commitment to innovation and extending the availability of this life-altering benefit to as many people as possible.

“As the gold standard in the on-demand pay industry, our mission is to unlock the endless possibilities of pay,” said Konstantin Getmanchuk, Senior Vice President of Product Management at DailyPay. “With 80% of Fortune 100 companies who offer on-demand pay choosing DailyPay, we have seen the demand for ODP services grow at unprecedented rates. The future is here. We are here to facilitate that change. It is inevitable. Within a few years, every company will enable their employees to access the money they have earned, as they need it. It is time to offer an innovative solution to HCM companies.”

Integrating ExtendPX can help payroll and HCM companies increase PEPM, boost new business sales, double customer retention and provide the benefit of DailyPay’s five years of experience in this growing field. Offering this technology as a part of their existing Payroll/HCM platform will help employers reap the benefits of improved employee retention, engagement and satisfaction, as well as faster recruiting. On-demand pay will empower employee end-users to meet their financial needs between paydays without incurring overdraft fees or seeking out predatory payday loans. It truly is a win-win for all involved. Don’t get left behind while your competitors are getting ahead! 

Still have questions about how DailyPay ExtendPX can help your HCM or Payroll company? To learn more about ExtendPX, contact DailyPay at intro@dailypay.com.

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