This Veterans Day, DailyPay Honors Those Who’ve Served

veterans day

Armistice Day became an official national holiday in the United States on November 11, 1938. In 1954, the name was changed from Armistice Day to Veterans Day to honor those who had served in all U.S. wars, many of whom lost their lives protecting our county. Today, we honor the Veterans who gave their lives for our country, those who continue to serve, and those who’ve moved on to serve and protect our country outside of the military, both in our communities and inside many of our businesses.

At DailyPay, we are proud to honor our Veteran employees and the unique experiences they bring to our team. We are extremely grateful for the sacrifices made by all our service members and we commend their bravery and honor. We are proud to have many former members of the armed forces working at DailyPay, enriching our lives and our business with their strong skills and one-of-a-kind perspectives.

Three of the veterans on our team explain how their military values align with DailyPay’s values as an organization below:

Start Simple

“Veterans have more than technical skills. These days, traits such as leadership abilities, teamwork and self-actualization are known as “soft skills” among employers and hiring managers. Hiring a young veteran means you’re not only getting someone who can do their job, but has many of the “soft skills” that come with working experience. Other skills include project planning and organization, critical thinking and managing others.

Employers often can count on a diverse set of experience from their veteran employees. Many vets are expected to work in all kinds of environments with many different tools, so they are comfortable adapting to new situations.”

-Gary Pearcy, VP of Payment Operations

Gary is a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He served for twelve years as an officer in the U.S. Army’s Aviation branch.

Pull the Wagon

“Veteran employees work well in groups. In the military, service members often rely on their core group to operate effectively and safely. The camaraderie that develops over years of teamwork builds not only the ability to work well with others, but a desire to feel like they are part of a team. Veterans intuitively understand the value of teamwork in accomplishing set goals and take personal responsibility for the success of their group.

To top it all off, In the absence of designated or external leadership in their group, vets have no problem stepping into an official or unofficial leadership role. They can be counted on to apply the same mission-oriented approach they take in their individual tasks to team sessions.”

-JD Petit, Partner Support Analyst

JD served in the U.S. Army from 1986 to 1996. He served five years in the active Army and five years in the Army National Guard while he was at the University of Northern Colorado.

We Win With Diversity

“The U.S. military thrives on diversity. Any business looking to diversify its workforce should consider adding military veterans to its force. According to the Defense Department’s own statistics, racial and ethnic minorities make up 40% of the military’s active-duty component, which is “slightly” more diverse than the general American population.

So if a business is looking for those who thrive harmoniously with a diverse set of coworkers, U.S. veterans are not only accustomed to diversity, they thrive in it.”

-Eric Tacl, VP of Customer Operations

Eric served in the Army National Guard from October 2015 to October 2021. His unit was at Camp Ripley, Minnesota.

Working beside these three amazing individuals truly enriches the culture of DailyPay. Their grit, dedication and technical skills all make them invaluable assets to our team and strong leaders within the organization. Their loyalty and discipline are absolutely unparalleled. We are so proud to call these heroes our team members!

Want to continue to honor our veterans and celebrate patriotism alongside DailyPay? Check out the video below, which also features an interview with U.S. Army Lieutenant General (Ret.) Michael D. Barbero.

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