The Quarantined Economy: Productivity Hacks

The COVID-19 crisis has turned the daily lives of most Americans completely upside down. Productivity can become a real struggle when remote working and learning have become the new normal, especially when everyone who’s trying to do those things is cramped together in the same space and unable to leave. Family responsibilities may have also increased or shifted as everyone is adjusting to new rules and roles, all of which can make getting things done feel overwhelming and difficult. Here are some hacks to keep you on track and keep your brain sharp and clear:

Set clear boundaries within your space

Now that everyone in your home is cramped together and needs to utilize the same space for their at-home responsibilities, setting clear divisions will help everyone be more productive. Maybe one bedroom becomes a classroom for the kids while another becomes a workspace for you and your spouse. Even if you’re living on your own in a small apartment, designating the couch or kitchen table as your workspace may help you get into “the zone” and concentrate on what you’re trying to achieve. While not everyone has the luxury of a home office, carving out a bit of space for yourself, however possible, will help you maintain structure and control in the midst of so much change.

Complete a project that’s been hanging over your head

Maybe it’s writing thank-you notes from the last holiday, mending clothes that have tears or missing buttons, or organizing files or photos. Whatever the task may be, we all have those few things that seem eternally stuck at the bottom of our to-do lists. This is the perfect time to cross them off for good and pat yourself on the back for spending an evening doing something besides binge-watching Netflix, or at least doing something else WHILE you were watching. You can also check out these tips on how to train yourself to stop procrastinating.

Set goals for yourself, no matter how small

Maybe it’s something as simple as completing an at-home workout. Maybe it’s staying off social media for the day. Maybe it’s cooking a healthy dinner instead of ordering another night’s worth of takeout. Whatever it is, the feeling of accomplishment that will come from completing a task that’s important to you is absolutely invaluable at a time like this. Even creating a to-do list each day to give yourself the satisfaction of crossing off tasks as you complete them can be immensely helpful. 

Read a book from an unfamiliar genre

While traveling and visiting new places may be off-limits during this time, daydreaming and imagination certainly aren’t. There are tons of benefits associated with expanding your reading repertoire, from widening your worldview to improving your writing. This is a time when we could all use an extra dose of escapism and adventure, and reading is the perfect way to get it. Relaxing with a new book will also give your eyes a much-needed break from screens.

Check out this article for more information on how reading can help make you be more productive.

Learn a new skill or language

Got knitting needles and yarn sitting in your closet but no idea how to purl? Always wanted to add juggling to the “special skills” section of your resume? Need to brush up on your foreign language skills to check in with your loved ones overseas? YouTube is chock-full of how-to videos on almost every conceivable subject, and DuoLingo is an amazing free resource for language learners. Take advantage of being stuck indoors and keep your brain sharp and your ability to focus strong.

If you’re looking for ways to relax and lower your stress levels while you remain quarantined, check out our stress-reduction hacks

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