The Holidays are Here! Top Ways Retail Has Been Affected as a Result of COVID and What You Can Do About It.

When you consider what has happened to the world in the last eight months, one thing is for sure, the holiday season will be much different this year. We’re living in a holiday world full of uncertainties, so it’s hard to know how Americans plan to spend this year. Will it be different from or the same as last year? What measures are people taking to pay their bills on time this holiday season? And what can employers do to help their employees to make ends meet?

At DailyPay, we wanted answers. So we commissioned a survey, conducted by The Harris Poll, to determine exactly how COVID has affected Americans financially, how they plan to address holiday spending this year as compared to last year, and the expectations they have of their employers to help them navigate these turbulent financial times.

The Harris Poll online survey, which was conducted from September 30 – October 1, 2020, received responses from over 2,000 adults in the U.S., ages 18 and older. The survey consisted of the following questions:

  1. How has COVID-19 affected you financially?
  2. How would access to on-demand pay (i.e., having access to your paycheck earlier than your usual company pay period) impact your holiday spending?
  3. What extra steps will you take this year, compared to last year, to make ends meet?
  4. How much do you rely on financial assistance programs offered by your employer for financial assistance/advice?
  5. How will COVID-19 impact your holiday spending on each of the following this year compared to 2019:
  6. How hopeful do you feel that the U.S. economy will improve by the end of 2020?

The survey results were exciting! Eye-opening even! 

See the results here, or check out our press release for full details of the Harris Poll.  

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