DailyPay Celebrates a Day Of Recognition For Administrative Professionals

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“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” ~ Colin Powell, former U.S. Defense Secretary


Every building needs a strong foundation. For a company to succeed, it too needs a strong foundation. Administrative professionals are the backbone of every organization, strengthening and fortifying its structure to ensure maximum efficiency. Even though they often work behind the scenes, their work is a vital cog in a company’s machine — and DailyPay is no exception. 


Actor Hugh Jackman said, “the definition of being good is being able to make it look easy.” So today, on National Administrative Professionals Day, we’d like to pay homage to the ones who make it look so easy — even though we know how challenging their jobs can be. Today we take a step back and acknowledge how fortunate we are to have you on our team.  


And so today a word of thanks and recognition they so richly deserve.



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“Jenna is a tireless person who I can rely on to see every project through to fruition. She’s got my back, she’s on top of everything, and she leads the charge on whatever is happening. No matter the direction we are headed in I can count on Jenna to be by my side.”

– Jason Lee, Founder & CEO


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“The administrative assistants in our company are so important to how my team functions. They are outstanding and collaborative colleagues who tirelessly anticipate what needs to get done and make it happen. Dana is so wonderful at offering her help on such a wide range of things, to anyone who needs it.”

– Irene Hendricks, Chief People Officer


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“Most people don’t realize how much of a positive cultural impact your administrative assistant has on your business. They are the heart and soul of your company and deserve this special day and recognition for their commitment to making our company stronger every day. Melli – don’t know what we would do without you.”

– Jeanniey Walden, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer


A woman with straight, shoulder-length hair wearing a pink shirt and hoop earrings smiles while taking a selfie in an office setting.

“Petra always has a 100% can-do attitude and is a valued member of our team. She is always looking for ways to make the people she supports more productive, but she goes further than that. She looks out for her team’s well-being, which is greatly appreciated.”

– Scott Sampson, Chief Revenue Officer


A woman with short black hair and large glasses smiles slightly while resting her chin on her hand. She is wearing a white lace top and a ring on her finger.

“In our constantly changing office environment, it is important to have someone who remains professional to support our employees and culture.”

– Philip Sklar, Director, Procurement and Facilities

Enjoy your special day- you’ve earned it! And a special shout out to all of those throughout DailyPay who give their all every day to keep our business nationally-recognized as  a “great place to work”

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