To the Superheroes Who Answer Calls Every Day — Thank You.

A woman wearing a headset and white lab coat is smiling while talking to someone not in the frame. The background has a blue hue.

This year, Customer Service Week takes place during the week of October 4-8, but we are thankful for customer support staff every day.

At DailyPay, we want to recognize and celebrate all of the people who take the time to answer questions, who make us proud to support their brands and who really make the world a better place. Whether you work at DailyPay supporting valued workers who use our service, or work for one of our DailyPay Call Center clients who work tirelessly each day to listen to, handle and resolve client customers’ questions and concerns, you deserve a special salute!

One of our trusted partners and clients, DialAmerica, provides outstanding customer service. DialAmerica offers DailyPay’s on-demand pay benefit to its workforce but is a provider of additional customer service support to DailyPay’s employee users.

DialAmerica’s SVP of HR & Compliance, Rob Schultz, sat down with us to discuss the DailyPay and DialAmerican relationship. Rob has an interesting story to share about the customer service his team provides, and also about the way DialAmerica ties DailyPay benefits directly to his agents’ ability to provide a better customer service experience. 

Read the DialAmerica story and celebrate along with Rob and his team.

On behalf of all of us at DailyPay, we wish all of you a very Happy Customer Service Week.  

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