Cross River Sponsors DailyPay’s Annual Revenue Kick-Off

DailyPay’s annual Revenue Kick-Off (RKO) featured some exciting sponsors, including Cross River, a technology infrastructure provider that offers embedded financial solutions

Cross River has a history of providing financial services and credit to not only businesses, but consumers in need. Their mission is to enable our clients to deliver responsible financial solutions that empower consumers anytime, everywhere. 

Cross River is one of DailyPay’s strategic partners and one of our vendors  Since 2019, Cross River’s partnership has been critical in helping us to provide eligible employees with immediate access to their earned pay without increasing the workload for their employers. Cross River has been flexible and worked with DailyPay as we innovate and improve our solution through the years.

We would like to thank Cross River for supporting our 2022 RKO and for their continued partnership.

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