Companies Will Need to Work Different in the New Workplace

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As Americans begin to return to work, a new DailyPay survey finds that remote work will be permanent and diversity will be a major pillar in the workplace

It’s definitely safe to say that the workplace as we knew it pre-COVID isn’t coming back. As companies begin to reopen and rehire, they will be challenged to maximize operational efficiency and to prioritize casting a wide, diverse net when rehiring. And they will also need to expand the use of remote workers with the influx of new technologies, according to a new survey from DailyPay.

Remote work is highly desired …

As companies look to attract top talent, they will look to expand their search to include candidates that will want to work remotely whether it’s for health concerns or due to their geography. Over half (56%)* of those surveyed stated that companies who allow their employees to work remotely are more attractive to those applying for a job.

Remote employees have gone from being the exception to becoming a major part of the workforce. Given the normalcy of this after COVID, companies now have the flexibility to hire people from all different geographical backgrounds. Companies have seen productivity surge over the last few months, and the data proves it. 48% of those polled stated that they are actually more effective when working remotely. A staggering 60% of respondents said they actually work more hours when working remotely, with 37% saying they work at least 4-7 more hours a week. 

… As is a diverse workforce 

Given the current social climate, another focal point of the return to work survey showed that 59% of Americans think having a diverse workforce is good for business. 60% said diversity in company leadership is important when deciding on where to apply for job diversity. An organization that prioritizes diversity and inclusion opens itself up to new ideas and perspectives, which leads to better business practices and opportunities. 63% of respondents said having diversity in leadership positions makes a company better-positioned to relate to its customers. Specifically, 63% said female leaders in a company are a good compass for a business.

The whole story

You can download the complete results of both the Diversity and Remote Work Surveys that DailyPay recently conducted here.

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