One in Eight Supermarket Employees in the U.S. Now Has Access to Their Money as They Earn It

Essential leading businesses in the supermarkets industry, including Kroger, Parker’s, and Leevers, have launched initiatives, including DailyPay, as part of critical actions to ensure safety, access to resources

NEW YORK, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DailyPay, the leading provider of the daily pay benefit, joins forces with many of the country’s leading supermarkets to support their heroic workers who are on the frontlines of the global health crisis. Now, more than one in eight grocery store workers across the country has this financial control at a time when they need it most.

In celebration of the frontline supermarket heroes, including KrogerParker’s KitchenLeevers SupermarketsDave’s Markets and Loop Neighborhood, DailyPay has committed to a number of initiatives to support them during this crisis. These include:

  • Powering their DailyPay benefit programs to give employees access to their pay as they earn it, as compared with the traditional two-week pay period.
  • Enabling employees the opportunity to save an average of $1,205 per year in reduced fees from loans, overdraft and late fees*.
  • Introducing a $0 next-day transfer fee for all employees to remove barriers to earned income access during this critical time.
  • Creating a series of free online financial literacy webinars to answer questions about managing through the COVID-19 crisis, including navigating the stimulus package.
  • Educating employers about changes and trends happening in the supermarket industry through the DailyPay Workforce Index to raise awareness about additional financial needs for employees, including adding/offering bonuses and/or shift differentials.

“We are proud of our amazing staff who has been working hard to keep our neighborhoods fed,” said Taylor Leevers, Special Projects Manager, Leevers Supermarkets. “In addition to hiring dedicated cleaning staff, installing sneeze guards at registers and providing appreciation bonuses, we are also proud to offer DailyPay to employees who want access to their pay on a daily basis.”

Companies have realized how important giving employees instant access to their earned pay is, especially as protection during emergencies. Since the COVID-19 crisis came to the United States, DailyPay has seen an increase in businesses signing on and accelerating launches so their staffs can feel more secure during these challenging times.

“We feel fortunate to be in a role where we can support these requisite businesses and essential workers,” said Jason Lee, CEO of DailyPay. “Offering DailyPay to leading businesses ensures that families have food on their tables and medical supplies at a time when these items are most needed. These courageous folks who are going into work every day deserve to be compensated instantly so they can safeguard themselves and their families. We salute our partners for making this benefit available.”

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*DailyPay User Survey March 2020

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