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Turnover And Retention Rates for QSR Businesses

In our previous article, we discussed employee retention rates by industry and looked at which industries have the best and worst employee retention rates. In this article, we’ll take a look at the turnover rate across the restaurant industry.  A

How Walmart’s Financial Wellness Program Will Change the Game

Business owners in minimum wage industries face unique challenges that can be difficult to remedy – even when the struggles involve payday.   The balance between employee financial wellness and an employer’s ability to lend a helping hand is often

What Pay Frequency Means for Employee Financial Wellness

How often you pay employees is a business decision determined by individual companies. The restrictions and parameters include federal and state laws, the cost of running payroll and your employee’s financial well-being. These determining factors don’t always work well together,

Who says every day can’t be Friday?

Get instant, no-fee access to your money with on-demand pay transfers to the Friday by DailyPayTM Visa® Prepaid Card We’re thrilled to announce our newest on-demand pay option – Friday by DailyPayTM – a prepaid card and app that provides

Helping Employees Pay for Vital, Everyday Expenses

Earned Wage Access Helps Employees Pay for Everday Expenses  Earned wage access (EWA) — also known as on-demand pay — gives employees access to their earned pay before payday.  EWA is a vital financial wellness tool that also allows employees

Research & Statistics

DailyPay Research & Statistics Learn more about key issues and statistics with these resources. stat date citation link Across industries examined by Mercator Advisory Group, the average turnover rate improved by 35% for workers with EWA solutions March2021 EWA Report,

Module 1: Why You Need On-Demand Pay

Why You Need On-Demand Pay Gain a better understanding of on-demand pay benefits and the various vendor models available. Ready to get started with on-demand pay? Download the eBook In this Module Why Employees Need On-Demand Pay Benefits for Your

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Empowering for Employees

Greater financial control with access up to 100% of their DailyPay balance to meet the challenges of unexpected financial disruptions.

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Simple and Secure for Employers

Minimal change to payroll processes — DailyPay handles it all.

Seamless integration with HCM, payroll, banking and benefit applications.

Enterprise-grade platform that keeps data private and the service running so it's always there when your employees need it.

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