With DailyPay, make any day pay day.

During these extraordinary times, in support of its employees, the Kroger Family of Companies is introducing a benefit that enables associates to instantly transfer their earnings for bills or expenses in between paydays. It is called DailyPay (formerly ExpressPay).

Kroger ExpressPay ESS login

What is DailyPay?

DailyPay is a free and optional benefit provided by Kroger to its employees that allows you to track, save and transfer your earnings on your own schedule. DailyPay, gives you the financial flexibility to access your earned income to pay bills and to buy necessary supplies whenever you need it, not just on payday.

Real Results. Real Impact. Real Lives.


The amount that DailyPay is saving associates, on average, per year, in reduced fees from loans, overdraft fees and late fees.


The percentage of associates who say DailyPay makes them better able to budget and pay large monthly bills.


The percentage of associates who report that DailyPay has helped reduce their financial stress.

More than just access to earned income

One in eight grocery store workers now has access to their money as they earn it, giving them a degree of financial control amid the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.


Kroger employee using ExpressPay

Eric uses DailyPay to TRACK his earnings to help him plan for expenses.


Kroger ExpressPay enables better money management

Jessica & Brandon start a rainy day fund and start to SAVE for surprise expenses in the future. 


Kroger ExpressPay allows employees transfer their earned wages to pay bills

Scott uses DailyPay to TRANSFER his earnings before payday to pay for bills that are due in between paydays.

How Does DailyPay work?

DailyPay gives you access to your earned wages in advance of payday (some call it Kroger paycheck advance). Kroger updates the money you’ve earned at the end of each shift, based on the number of hours you’ve worked.  Your pay for those hours then becomes available to you in your DailyPay account. You can transfer the money you’ve earned in your DailyPay account to your bank account at any time, 24/7/365. You will receive whatever money you have left over at the end of the pay period in your regular paycheck on your scheduled payday.

To use Kroger DailyPay, sign up here with your name, phone, email and employee ID (which can be found on your Kroger pay stub).

How to get access to Kroger pay stubs?

  • Go to Kroger’s employee web portal https://ess.kroger.com
  • You should read the statements above the login form.
  • Enter your Enterprise User ID (EUID) on the first text field. Your Enterprise User ID is not case sensitive so you can type it with upper case or lower case letters.
  • Enter your Password. Your password is case sensitive so be careful at the time of typing your password.
  • Now click on I AGREE button (It acknowledges that you have read the statements above the login form and you completely agree with that) to get access to your Kroger pay stub employee account.

You may also need the last 4 digits of your Direct Deposit bank account on file. If you currently get paper checks, you can still sign up for DailyPay, but you must add a bank account to your DailyPay account. You will need to log in to the Kroger ESS portal.