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Kroger has partnered with DailyPay to give you more control over your pay.

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What is DailyPay?

The Kroger Family of Companies, together with DailyPay, is introducing a benefit that enables Associates to instantly transfer their earnings for bills or expenses that can’t wait for payday. DailyPay allows you to track, save and transfer your earnings on your own schedule. Use DailyPay to avoid late fees and interest charges, and to help you budget for expenses.

Benefits of DailyPay include the ability to:

  • Track your daily income
  • Automatically save a portion of your paycheck to build a financial safety net
  • Transfer your earnings instantly or next-day using DailyPay’s free on-demand pay app

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YouTube video

YouTube video

How Does DailyPay’s On-Demand Pay Program Work?

DailyPay gives you access to your earned wages before payday (sometimes referred to as a Kroger paycheck advance). Kroger updates the money you’ve earned at the end of each shift, based on the number of hours you’ve worked. Your pay for those hours becomes available to you in your DailyPay Account.

You can transfer the money you’ve earned from your DailyPay Account to your bank account at any time, 24/7/365. You will receive whatever money you have remaining at the end of the pay period. It will be included in your regular paycheck on your scheduled payday.

How Do I Sign Up?

To use DailyPay, sign up here with your name, phone, email and employee ID (which can be found on your Kroger pay stub, or it can be left blank if you don’t have it).

For Managers Only

Fill out this form to receive a digital DailyPay toolkit.

The toolkit includes a Manager Guide, QuickStart Guide and Associate FAQ Guide to help you share this important benefit with your Associates!

Where to Learn More

You can contact DailyPay by phone, email, or live chat.


(855) 999-7880

Business Hours

7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., ET



To initiate a chat, login to your account at, click “Help” in the left menu and then the “Live Chat” button on the bottom of the page.