A PayEx®™ Benefit for Your Business

Americans are returning to work, and a recent survey revealed that 1 in 6 job candidates are seeking employment at companies that offer a daily pay benefit.1

For companies rehiring post-COVID, it’s critical to offer competitive benefits that will help attract top talent and also support diversity and inclusion initiatives. But with many businesses still working to contain costs during this period of rebuilding, rolling out pricey new programs or employee incentives may not be an option.

Enter HIRE by DailyPay.

A Benefit that Helps You Attract and Retain Productive Talent.

DailyPay’s PayEx®™ platform gives workers control over their pay from Day 1 on the job


Job candidates are 1.9x more likely to apply for daily pay jobs than for positions that pay weekly2


DailyPay Partners fill open positions in half the time2


Hired employees who use DailyPay are 3x more productive than non-DailyPay users3

Employees love DailyPay. In fact, a recent survey showed that DailyPay saves employees, on average, $1,200 per year.

A Benefit that Extends Beyond the Workplace

DailyPay has always empowered individual employees to have full control over when they’re paid. But in times of difficulty and uncertainty, the peace of mind that comes with accessing pay anytime can be a lifeline for family members, housemates or friends. If your employees’ loved ones are struggling financially, give your workforce the power to help by leveraging DailyPay.

I am a single mother of two kids, so I’ve used DailyPay when I needed to buy groceries. It makes me feel relieved knowing that I can have my hands on money at the time I need it, instead of stressing to make ends meet.

Jasmine Skinner

Physical Rehab and Wellness Center

While I was unsure about the hoarding pandemic on top of COVID-19, I wasn’t able to go buy diapers and wipes for my son. But with DailyPay, I was able to go get wipes when they were restocked and not have to wait for payday and possibly run out.

Virginia Hamernick

Loop Neighborhood

1 DailyPay User Survey, April 2020
2 White Paper: Average across all Craigslist surveys
3 Unionleader.com: What’s Working: Book a gig or get paid early thanks to your smartphone