Video: How DailyPay Helped This Family Keep The Lights On

Natasha is a mother of 4 working in Atlanta. With DailyPay, Natasha has been able to meet regular bills and take control of her finances.




Natasha: I had a light bill and I had a payment arrangement and the light company was like “look, you have to have this money in our office by 5pm.” Well, Monday is Monday and we get paid Wednesday—Thursday so that wasn’t going to work. So, saying to
myself, “dang, how am I going to do this?”

Narrator: Sometimes life is just hard and throws you unexpected expenses. Whether you’re trying to keep the lights on paying, rent, or even saving up for something big, DailyPay gives you the control to cash out your earnings before payday. Signing up is easy. First, enter your name, phone number, email address, and click “Sign me up.” Next, upload your most recent pay stub and click “Submit info.” Finally, enter your bank account number and routing number. It’s really that easy. There are two ways you can use DailyPay. the first way is called DailyPay Auto. With Auto, you will automatically receive your available balance straight into your bank account or prepaid card every day you work. The second way is DailyPay Flex. With Flex, you can draw any amount from your available balance whenever you want. It’s kind of like an ATM for your earnings. We’ve paid out 33 million dollars so far to make sure everyone can keep their lights on.

Natasha: I just want to tell them “thank you” and I’m grateful and I’m not leaving so thanks for watching y’all. bye.


DailyPay is a convenient payment option that allows your employees to access their earned but unpaid wages as often as they would like. DailyPay does not disrupt your existing payroll process and we provide all of the funding and technology at no cost to your company. To read other testimonials from our clients, please click here.