Pay done your way, you’ve earned it.

Pay bills on time, with no late fees, no overdraft fees and no need for payday loans. DailyPay is there so you can access your pay, and save, on your terms.

Leading companies choose DailyPay

Top companies trust DailyPay to deliver on-demand pay services to their employees.

Get your money as you earn it, when you need it.

It’s your money, you’ve earned it!


Transfer to any bank account, pay card or debit card.


Get your pay instantly or on the next day for a small fee.


Transfer your money 24/7/365.

payday advance app
payday advance alternative to loans

Get started on a savings plan with DailyPay too!

Three ways to save money from your paycheck.


Save a set amount every payday.


Choose how much you’d like to save from each paycheck.


Save whenever you make an early transfer from your pay.

How DailyPay works

DailyPay is easy to use – just a few clicks and your money is in your account!

Follow these five simple steps to access your pay:

  • Enroll in DailyPay through your employer and download the DailyPay app
  • Clock in and out of your shift using your company’s timekeeping system
  • Check your Available Balance in the DailyPay app to see what you have available for early transfer so you can access your paycheck early.
  • Choose the amount you want to transfer and when you want to receive it.
  • Submit your transfer request.

More than 13,000 5-star reviews

“I use DailyPay regularly to help me pay bills and sustain my household on one income. I also use the app to track my Available Balance to see how much money I’ve earned.”

Sandy, Ashley Manor

“Because of DailyPay, I was able to get my money right then and there. It is a blessing being able to get your money without having to turn to cash advances and pay excessive fees.”

Alisha, New Season

“I lost my apartment due to COVID-19 and had to move into a hotel. I was $100 short but DailyPay was right there for me. I really appreciate it.”

Willie, Boston Market

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