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DoorDash made a huge improvement to how you get paid

Financial stress is now a thing of the past

  • What is DailyPay?

    DailyPay partners with companies to give employees access to earnings before payday, helping you pay bills on-time, save on late fees, and reduce financial stress.

  • How does it work?

    As you work during the week, your company reports your earnings, then we make a balance available. You can transfer money instantly from your Available Balance, 24/7.

  • What happens on payday?

    The money you transfer before payday is automatically deducted out of your full paycheck - on payday you get the rest.

Hear from Jermaine, Dasher and DailyPay fan from LA

Um, this sounds awesome. How much does it cost?

  • This benefit is provided to you by DoorDash for FREE!

  • There is only a small fee when you transfer money before payday.

STOP paying...

  • $35 Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • $50 Late Rent Fee
  • $30 Late Credit Card Fee
  • $100+ Interest on a Payday Loan
  • I had a light bill that needed to be paid on Monday, but payday wasn't until Wednesday and then I remembered I had DailyPay. I had money in my bank account when I needed it and was able to pay my bill without the lights turning off.

    Uses DailyPay for Rideshare and Delivery Earnings

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