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On-demand pay is a workplace benefit that allows you to access your pay as you earn it.

It's no cost to create an account and your available pay will increase every time you work. There are ways to access your pay when you need it, for no fee.

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DailyPay Enables You to Get Your Pay Any Time Before Payday

It’s free to create an account and your available pay will increase each time you work

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2 Get your money: Instantly transfer money you’ve already earned for a fee.*

3 Get the rest on payday: Whatever you don’t transfer is automatically sent to you for free on your normal payday.

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Friday by dailypay

Get No-fee, Instant Access to Your Earned Pay1

Make every day Friday and unlock instant transfers from your DailyPay Balance for $0 when you set your direct deposit to the Friday by DailyPay™ Visa® Prepaid Card—any time, any day.

Visa® card with no hidden fees2

Signing up is easy and doesn’t require a pre-existing bank account. Plus, the Friday Card is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

$0 In-network ATM fees through the Allpoint® Network

$0 Monthly fees

$0 Minimum balance

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