Staffline Uses On-Demand Pay to Improve Employee Financial Wellness and Productivity in the Recruiting Industry

Partner Snapshot

Partner: Staffline
US Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee
Industry: Staffing & Recruiting
Number of Employees: 1,600
Payroll Platform: Summit PE Pro
Time & Attendance Platform: In-house system

Donna Gettings, Vice President of Quality at Adams Keegan (who purchased Staffline), is an expert on daily pay, having served on an IRS subcommittee. Staffline, a recruiting and staffing agency founded in 2004 in Memphis, Tennessee, now has two locations focused on staffing properly vetted workers. Staffline became curious about the benefits of on-demand pay and began speaking with DailyPay about in 2017. We recently spoke with Donna to learn more about how adding a daily pay benefit has revolutionized life and business for both her company and its 1,600 employees.

Recruiting the best on-demand pay option

As a company that operates as a zero-risk partner to our clients, it was important for us to select a similarly zero-risk on-demand pay partner. We needed a partner that wouldn’t cost anything to onboard, that wouldn’t involve an intensive labor or time commitment from us to implement and that would provide ongoing support should we ever need it. 

For us, a daily pay benefit wasn’t just about on-demand pay. It was really about bolstering the employee experience. We value our employees, and finding a partner that would give them as much as they give us was the bottom line. We wanted to introduce a benefit that would be useful on a practical level but also get them excited about work, feel supported by their employer, and strengthen the employer-employee bond. I had a tall order to fill but felt confident I could find the right partner that checked all the boxes. 

Finding the right partner

After reading a New York Times article that talked about the benefits of daily pay, I began to wonder; is this something we could do ourselves or would we need to partner with a vendor?

I began researching compliance laws, tax liability and considering the potential financial impact introducing a benefit like this could have on our company. After reaching out to several companies, gathering information and understanding how it all works, it became clear that DailyPay was the best model for us.

Since launching in November of 2017, 94% of Staffline employees have signed up for DailyPay. In addition to an incredible 42% increase in retention between DailyPay users and non-users, we’ve has also seen an increase in business operations in that we’re easily filling shifts for previously difficult to staff clients. Shifts in the business like this are improving our bottom line, leading to happier clients and increasing the overall health of our business.

A game-changing benefit

Since implementing DailyPay, we’ve seen wonderful results across the board. 77% of Staffline employees report DailyPay has helped them avoid taking out a payday loan,  73% say it has helped them pay bills on time and avoid late or overdraft fees and 49% say DailyPay has helped them save more, and that’s just on the financial side. On a personal level, 71% of users say they’re experiencing less financial stress, 63% say they’re more motivated to go to work. For 51% of our employees, that motivation has turned into a drive to pick up more shifts and longer hours, which means more money in their pockets and a better experience for our clients.

The talent pool is a finite resource and for Staffline to stay competitive, we need to bring every advantage to our recruiting process as possible. DailyPay has helped us keep up with the changing payroll world and be one of the first employers in our space to offer this innovative benefit. We know the value of getting paid instantly and wholeheartedly believe in leading the charge with adopting this new technology. 

Over the years, this partnership continues to feel like a great success. We’ve had a wonderful experience from vetting to implementation and ongoing support and have no plans of discontinuing this benefit. We’ve seen a substantial rise in employee engagement and because the client experience is at the forefront of our business, this has been one of the best results to come out of introducing daily pay. I’m thrilled to see what the future of this partnership holds and how we may continue to support our employees in every sector of the employee experience.

“71% of Staffline’s users report that DailyPay reduced their financial stress.”