Senior Care Facility Chain, Phoenix Senior Living, Switches to DailyPay for Seamless On-Demand Pay Solution

Partner: Phoenix Senior Living

  • US Headquarters: Roswell, Georgia
  • Industry: Hospitals and Health Care
  • Number of Employees: 1,600
  • Payroll System: ADP Workforce Now
  • Timekeeping System: ADP Essential Time

Dean Slye, SPHR, Vice President of Human Resources at Phoenix Senior Living, oversees all human resources functions at Phoenix Senior Living, including benefits, recruitment, training, payroll and employee relations with clients. Phoenix Senior Living, which has headquarters in Roswell, Georgia and nearly 35 different locations with 1,600 employees, provides multiple living options to senior citizens in seven different states. They were not looking for on-demand pay when it came across Dean’s desk, but now he couldn’t be happier he is able to provide it to Phoenix Senior Living employees. We recently spoke with Dean to learn more about Phoenix Senior Living’s experience with DailyPay thus far.

A benefit that fell into my lap

We found on-demand pay by accident after a vendor offered it to us alongside one of their other products. At first, we were satisfied with this other vendor, until they started asking us to add steps to our payroll process and increase our workload. We wanted to continue to offer on-demand pay, but couldn’t do so if it required extra work. Our team was already spread thin and we did not like the way the other vendor presented this new process. Instead of the transfers taking place directly between them and our employees, we would have to do extra work as the middle person. We then looked at another vendor who also made it clear that we would have a lot of extra work on our end. That’s when we found DailyPay and were told we wouldn’t have to do anything extra — something that has held true.

No extra work for payroll

Implementing DailyPay was simple and easy. All we had to do was go into our ADP Marketplace account and turn on DailyPay’s connector listing, and from there everything was taken care of for us. However, that was simple because DailyPay already had an existing partnership with ADP. After that, we have had no extra work to make this partnership work.

Amazing implementation and support staff

Everyone we have worked with at DailyPay has been wonderful throughout our entire partnership. We have had great interactions with everyone from the sales representative, to the implementation team, to the ongoing support staff. We are very happy that we made the switch over to DailyPay.

Delivering what employees want

It wasn’t until recently that multiple employees started asking for on-demand pay. We are thrilled to be able to provide it to them, especially since on-demand pay is becoming the norm. Our new hires are wanting this and we are delivering it. I have heard stories of our employees using it to improve their financial stability. In particular, I heard about one story in which an employee used DailyPay to pay their electric bill.

DailyPay has actually helped improve our retention since implementation. DailyPay found that, our employees who are enrolled in DailyPay stayed 78% longer than non-DailyPay users between February and June 2021.

In just six months, more than half of our employee base signed up for DailyPay, and in six months we’re averaging $50,000 in transactions per pay period. That means they’re using it, they like it and they’re benefiting from it. That is a win-win across the board for my organization.

During the height of the pandemic, we had to send out a great-place-to-work survey. While it was expected that employees in health care would be absolutely miserable during a health crisis, we actually had very positive results. I attribute the results to our culture, but also to our benefits, including DailyPay.

Avoiding predatory alternatives

With DailyPay, we are able to help our employees avoid predatory alternatives such as cash-checking businesses and loan sharks. Before DailyPay, they were using these predatory options to get their checks early, and now without those, they are saving money in the long run.

While on-demand just fell into my lap, I now highly recommend it to everyone. Everyone in the senior living industry, or something similar, should be doing it. DailyPay is a huge benefit to a lot of our employees. Our associates use it, like it and it saves them money. I truly love DailyPay.

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