DialAmerica Reduced Employee Turnover At Their Call Centers By Providing A Daily Pay Benefit

Overview: DialAmerica is one of the nation’s largest privately owned contact center companies with 3,000 employees offering multi-channel customer and sales services to a full range of B2B and B2C solutions for financial services, consumer products, government, healthcare, fundraising, publishing and communications.

Industry: Call Centers & Teleservices

The Problem: Employee attrition, retaining existing call center agents, and increasing productivity in the nation’s highest turnover industry.

The Solution: Offer DailyPay as an employee benefit to recruit top agents, retain existing ones and improve the overall experience for all DialAmerica Agents.

Headquarters: Mahwah, New Jersey

Founded: 1957

Staffing costs are one of the largest expenses in the call center industry and act as a lever on profitability. According to Quality Assurance Training Connection (QATC), a typical center will invest over $6,000 to hire and train each new employee. Lost time and money is only a part of the problem associated with high employee attrition—a tight labor market means that managers are having a harder time finding agents with prior customer service experience or support skills.

DialAmerica is one of the nation’s largest privately owned domestic contact center companies with employees in more than 19 locations across 13 states. DialAmerica’s goals include:

• Increase applicant pool
• Decrease overall call center attrition rates • Improve employee engagement

DialAmerica implemented DailyPay’s novel technology that provides a seamless three-way solution to recruit, retain, and increase agent engagement. DailyPay’s proprietary technology allows a DialAmerica employee to readily access earned but unpaid wages before payday with a simple click of a button. With DailyPay, agents have the ability to access their earnings eleven days earlier. For DialAmerica, DailyPay’s three-way solution ensures that they attract and retain the right talent.