Tips For Employers To Help Working Parents Succeed During These Challenging Times

This fall, millions of Americans will be faced with the daunting challenge of working from home while helping to educate their kids at home simultaneously. To make matters worse, many of those very same parents will be tasked with over-delivering for their companies, many of which are reeling in this historic downturn in the economy. 

The pressure on employees to deliver for both their bosses and their families can be overwhelming. For employers, they will need to find cost-effective yet meaningful ways to alleviate some of the immense stress parents are under.

In my job as Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at DailyPay, I’m talking to HR leaders at Fortune 500 companies every day. What I’m hearing is that companies are prioritizing ways to ensure that all their employees, parents in particular, are made to feel supported and connected through these challenging times. In a recent survey, we learned that many of those working remotely are putting in an extra eight hours or more a week of work, which can lead to employee burnout. So what are some of the ways we can fortify those bonds with parents working remotely?


The most important message you want to drive home to your staff is that “we are all in this together.” We might not be sitting around a conference room together, but we are united in our company mission. At DailyPay, we call this “seeing the circle.”

To stay connected, video-conferencing has been a game-changer. But not just for meetings. Staying connected means fun activities such as virtual happy hours, coffee breaks, meditation sessions and even movie nights. At DailyPay, we even hired a highly regarded personal fitness trainer to provide group and one-on-one virtual workout classes. 

Working from home can be isolating – but keeping staff motivated and engaged can keep spirits and enthusiasm high. 

COVID-19 changed everything about the world, including the way people need to be paid.



With kids at home, it’s imperative for managers to be flexible in terms of work hours. Making that peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a hungry toddler might have to take precedence over the weekly marketing meeting. The key is communication. By clearly outlining expectations, goals and timing of deliverables, parents can adjust work and find the right time and balance to get the job done during the day. 

The typical 9-5 schedule might not work for parents with kids at home, so certain meetings and deadlines might have to be shifted to off-hours to accommodate. But as long as the results are there, the entire team will need to be flexible so their colleagues aren’t left behind.


Employees want freedom of choice, and one area where we can help give employees the meaningful benefit of choice is in the way employees choose to be paid. 

We must always be mindful of our employees’ financial wellness during these uncertain times, as many households have at least one person who has recently lost a job. With money tight, in many cases, an unexpected expense or medical bill might arise that could force an employee to take out a payday loan or receive an overdraft fee on their bank account. However, by offering an on-demand pay benefit such as DailyPay, employees can have access to their earned income at the press of a button. 

This benefit gives working parents the financial flexibility they want and the empowerment over their finances they deserve. They are now in control and can make financial choices that are best for themselves and their families. This can only strengthen the bond between employer and employee and a true sense of loyalty can develop

And when you feel valued and appreciated at work, your stress is lowered and productivity rises. A research study we conducted with the Mercator Advisory Group shows that by introducing an on-demand pay benefit, employers can help their workers reduce the stress associated with paying monthly bills.

It’s been about six months since the world changed as we knew it. For millions of working parents, every day presents new challenges to keep smiles on the faces of both their kids and their bosses. As a new school year begins, we need to be empathetic and creative in finding ways to keep our employees engaged, productive and hopeful that we can all rise to the challenge and succeed in these most unprecedented times. 

Want to learn more about how you can show employees you care about their financial stability – especially during uncertain times?