Updates from the 2019 Child Support Employer Symposium

Supporting the Work of the Office of Child Support Enforcement

DailyPay summary information was shared with conference participants in a welcome packet (pictured above)

Josh Jackson, DailyPay’s Director of Product Marketing, attended this year’s Child Support Employer Symposium to gather new information and share more about DailyPay’s mission. DailyPay makes it a priority to protect child support garnishments, so keeping abreast of the changing technologies and legislation within this sector is extremely important. Josh was highly impressed with the infrastructure of the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) and came back to report some important changes on the horizon.

Because the mission of the OCSE is to ensure that every dollar of child support owed gets into the right hands, changes to process are made periodically. One important change that was discussed is that instead of parents having to opt-in to receive their child support benefits, they will automatically be enrolled to receive them and will have to opt-out if they don’t wish to participate. There is also a push toward automating manual processes to reduce paperwork and save time, keep things more organized, and be more eco-conscious. Another improvement being proposed is the creation of a National Employer Database, driven by Federal Employee ID Numbers (FEIN), which will include information on new hires, quarterly wages, and medical benefits offered by each company. That way, it will be easier to ensure that proper amounts of child support are being paid, and that no one can hide their employment status in an attempt to avoid making payments.

To support the OCSE’s mission, DailyPay has specifically designed its technology to ensure that child support garnishments are paid in full. Unlike other earned pay access providers, DailyPay has a proprietary algorithm that takes wage garnishments into account when calculating a worker’s Pay Balance.  Child support is the first deduction taken into account when DailyPay determines an employee’s Pay Balance. It is crucial that any emerging payroll technology supports the OCSE’s tireless and honorable work to protect the child support needed by all deserving children.