UCode Uses DailyPay To Improve Employee Retention

A leading provider of coding education for children improved employee retention using a instant payment strategy


UCode is the leading provider of coding education for children in California. Tens of thousands of kids have graduated from UCode’s programs and camps, which teach kids 5 years and older to code within a project-based curriculum.


Students start by making basic games with Scratch, a sort of visual depiction of computer code, which serves as the first level for more complex coding languages like C++, Javascript, or HTML.


UCode’s primary pain-point is retaining the best tutors who are themselves highly qualified coders who could work lucrative jobs at start-ups and technology companies.


Even without the salaries of Silicon Valley to contend with, the tight labor market is making it incredibly challenging to retain top talent.


As the Wall Street Journal noted, “Labor Department data show that 3.4 million Americans quit their jobs in April 2018, near a 2001 peak and twice the 1.7 million who were laid off from jobs in April.”


In addition, UCode’s instructors are primarily millennials who have traditionally been prone to job hopping.



Thinking About Offering Your Employees Instant Access To Earned Pay?




In November 2016, UCode began to offer DailyPay—an instant pay benefit—to its instructors. The benefit was rolled out to tutors in four locations in Southern California, tutoring more than 10,000 students.

The response was so great that the administrative staff of the company also requested that they be added to DailyPay.
In the education business, the most important asset is people, namely the instructors. 

“Between a tight labor market and changing expectations of millennials, it’s increasingly difficult for student education centers like UCode to retain its top talent and stay competitive,” said DailyPay CEO Jason Lee. “What we’ve seen through UCode’s adoption is that a real-time pay solution can be the keystone of an employee retention strategy.”


By reducing turnover, UCode has been able to provide a consistent and solid product to its important and demanding customers – grade school kids today, the future leaders of tomorrow.


A leading provider of coding education for children on the West Coast of the United States
The Problem
Retaining coding tutors who are highly qualified to work at start-ups
The Solution
Offering DailyPay as a means of recruiting and retaining employees

Cost to UCode

There are no fees or integration costs to the company

Los Angeles, California



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