WEBINAR: The Pay Experience: How to Attract Millennials and Gen Z


In this webinar, DailyPay’s Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, Jeanniey Walden (formerly Jeanniey Mullen) pairs up with Barbie Winterbottom, Chief People Officer of BIC Graphic North America. The information they provide centers around the cultural differences in today’s workforce, and how to attract young people to work at your organization by understanding the lifestyle they’re accustomed to.

Millennials and Gen Z seek meaningful experiences in everything they do, from ordering coffee to receiving health care to their daily work lives. Because of this, these workforce segments have created what has been coined “the experience economy.” Their desire for uplifting experiences over material things pervades their work lives, and work becomes the stage for new experiential offerings. These groups strive for more than work-life balance, they are looking for true work-life integration. Hearing the detailed knowledge Jeanniey and Barbie have to share on this subject will help your organization stay current and relevant.

At DailyPay, the premier provider of the on-demand pay benefit, we have developed a new software category and product platform that will bring tools and skills to the millennial and Gen Z workforce. We call it the Pay Experience™, or PayEx™.

Diving deeper into this “experience economy,” it becomes apparent that a pay experience for employees should be central to this new way of life. Allowing employees to control how and when they get paid creates a simple, intuitive experience within the workplace that mirrors the experience employees are having outside the workplace. Also, the savings feature and financial wellness tips that are included in the pay experience platform can help employees create a stronger financial future, therefore strengthening the employer-employee bond. The best part? You can offer this innovative and unique pay experience to your employees at absolutely no cost to your company.

Tune in to hear two industry experts discuss the details and positive effects of implementing this exciting new benefit.

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